Supporting Local Flower Growers

Supporting Local Flower Growers

Amidst the craziness of 2020, flower farmers around the world have been coming up with creative and safe ways to continue to provide us with their beautiful blooms. Flowers are a lovely way to connect and let loved ones know you are thinking of them which is why it’s so important to keep this industry thriving.

I am inspired by the resilience and determination our local growers are demonstrating. It is showing how quickly we can think, pivot, adapt and continue to serve.

I am passionate about supporting local businesses, you can see this in the complementing products I offer with my gift packs, all these businesses are local and passionate about what they do. Our local growers are no different. With large industry florists now under immense pressure due to the shortage of foreign flower imports, the spotlight is on local florists more than ever, and they are rising to meet demand.

I am proud to support our local flower growers here in the Highlands and invite you to discover their produce for yourself by choosing one of my beautiful bouquets and experiencing the quality and beauty, you won’t be disappointed!

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